We Build a Carriage house at no cost - you share the profits

Qualify Your Lot


Step One is verifying that your lot qualifies for an ADU.

Design a great space


Step Two  we will design a Carriage House for your lot based on the market demographics and rental income potential.

All details Presented for your review


Step Three we will present you with a site plan,  construction concept and total monthly income pro forma.

Partner on the new building


Step Four, we will sign a contract and begin building your Carriage House. Our team will start taking applicants that will rent your unit as soon a it is complete.

Your new Tenant Moves in


Step Five we will complete construction and have a qualified tenant move in to your new Carriage House. We will manage, maintain and pay all taxes, insurance and maintenance costs.

We do it all, you simply collect a check every month


You will simply receive a check every month. Best of all there is no upfront cost to you.